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Mueller Record 1910-1983

This magazine was published by the company from 1910 through 1983. It generally was published monthly but not consistently so, and in some years only one or two issues were produced. The purpose and content changed over time. The original issues intended only as a communication between salesmen and headquarters – telling salesmen of new products and tactics while seeking information from the field on competitor’s product’s and practices. The scope and audience quickly broadened to include information on worker’s, facilities and products with distribution to any interested employee. Gradually, the publication’s popularity led to increasing its readership among customers and more product promotion was introduced. In 1933 the Mueller Record – Inside Edition began publishing the employee interest material and the original magazine continued its path to becoming a trade publication for an outside audience.
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Mueller Record - Inside Edition 1933-1953

Published from 1933 to 1953, this magazine served as the company newsletter for employees and their families. It contains a wealth of information on social events, retirements, company news and the like. Researchers looking for company history not related to products should look at this edition as a good source.
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Main Connections 1954-1967
(Replaced the Mueller Record – Inside Edition)

The Main Connection was published from 1954 to 1967 replacing the magazine format with a small newspaper. Fewer and shorter articles were included although the general content remained the same.
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Mueller Newsletter 1969-1977
(Replaced the Main Connections)

The Mueller Newsletter was produced from 1969 to 1977 and was essentially the same as its predecessor.
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Mueller Service Lines 1977-1981
(Replaced the Mueller Newsletter)

The name kept changing, but the purpose is unchanged as Service Lines filled the need for company news from 1977 to 1981.
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Strictly Personal 1977-1985

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The Pipeline 1981-1993
(Replaced Mueller Service Lines)

The Pipeline was the last of regular newsletters for the company. It was published with a slightly more polished design and carried more corporate news than employee content. Distribution extended well beyond the company base.
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The Line Stopper 1986-1988
(Concurrent with Pipeline)

As the Pipeline moved to more corporate news content, the company tried to fill the void in employee news with a very brief newsletter – The Line Stopper. The Mueller family sold the company in 1986 which undoubtedly altered the relationship of management and employees – a change evidenced by the end of the employee newsletter.
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Mueller Museum Newsletter 1996-present

The Mueller Museum publishes a newsletter on museum events and company history. The articles usually focus on a single event or item in the Mueller history.
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Mueller Story 1980

This company history was written by O. T. Banton and Frank H. Mueller. It covers much of the family and company history from 1857 to the date of its publication. Included in the Appendices is material on Boards of Directors, Family Genealogy, Patents, and a Chronology of Events.
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